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Community Guidelines

Someday these guidelines may evolve into something more formal, but for now they can be summed up pretty simply: Be kind.

That may sound kind of wishy-washy, but this is a small community and a young community (started in August 2017), so each of us has an outsized impact on the tone this place will set. Do we want it to be edifying and encouraging — a place where people are built up? Or do we want people to leave here feeling dragged down, like it's the comments section on a YouTube video?

So, while we're here, please act towards others how you want them to act towards you. Don't harass anyone, and don't post anything sketchy, please! Even better, participate in this community with an eye towards supporting and encouraging your neighbors here. Let's endeavor to create value, to leave pages better than we found them, and to make this a community that people look forward to participating in.

Thank you!