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Agrilyst Front-End Refresh

Published on December 2, 2017
Agrilyst Front-End Refresh

A year in, Agrilyst's web app was showing the marks of a rapidly-growing startup. We'd been adding new features at a breakneck pace, and had stretched the original design language to its breaking point.

To give us a solid foundation to sustain the next stage in Agrilyst's evolution, I took the lead in rewriting the front-end from the ground up. I rebuilt the site's HTML and CSS (well, Sass), simplifying and adding consistency whenever possible. I shaved something like 200kb off our CSS, and tweaked our JS to make things even more efficient.

Best of all, we now have a design language that matches Agrilyst's current feature set and is adaptable enough to support our future growth.

It's a relief to have this shipped — I'm usually a fan of iterative changes rather than blue-sky projects, and this PR was weighing me down in GitHub.

You can see the changes live at Agrilyst.

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