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Extend Fertility Blog

Published on December 14, 2017
Extend Fertility Blog

Extend Fertility is offering something a little different than most fertility practices: proactive fertility preservation (egg freezing) targeted toward young, healthy women in New York City who want to postpone motherhood.

These women, ages 27–42, aren’t interested in starting a family right now—they’re focused on their careers, finding a partner, traveling, continuing their education, or one of the many other options women have nowadays. Though this audience might not be totally “in the know” about fertility (since talking about it’s still a bit of a taboo), they’re generally savvy, educated, and discerning modern women who don’t conform to traditional gender roles. Market research demonstrates that they expect brands to be honest and transparent in their communications.

We created a voice and a content strategy for Extend Fertility that speaks directly to this audience.

The blog has several key functions. First of all, it serves as a content marketing tool, and we work with SEO specialists to ensure the content there is optimized for common search terms to help Extend Fertility’s audience find them online.

Secondly, it’s an educational tool. The blog allows us to get “in-depth” on topics that aren’t covered—or are covered only summarily—on other portions of the website. It also allows us to link egg freezing to other women’s health issues, such as breast cancer, endometriosis, and menstrual health, to enhance partnerships, increase content sharing, and widen our potential audience.

The goals of both the website as a whole and the blog specifically are (primarily) education and (secondarily) a call to action—to motivate women to schedule an appointment with Extend Fertility.

We manage the conceptualization, research, writing, editing, layout, and publishing of each blog post with a team of bloggers.

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