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Published on August 28, 2017

HoverHouse is a pop-up hoverboard events arena that also offer onsite hoverboard rentals. Currently in the development phase I hope to be able to have an event early 2018. Currently I am competing in the i.invest business plan competition and have made it to round 2 with six teams left. I got last place but still won some money. I still hope to continue with this project.

2 Responses

  • Jordan Koschei

    Jordan Koschei

    I would LOVE to see this take shape. Pop-up events are awesome, but even better, you could capture the market of people who want to try a hoverboard without committing to buying one.

    The word "arena" makes me think of Bounce, the trampoline dodgeball place in Poughkeepsie. Feels like the time is ripe for interesting event spaces like this.

    2 years ago
  • Dan Gurney

    Dan Gurney

    I think people would love to try out hoverboards.. i certainly would be curious to try one.

    2 years ago