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Living Sketchbook

Published on August 28, 2017
Living Sketchbook

A multimedia app for viewing an artist's sketchbook, with pinch-to-zoom, audio narration, and videos. Built in React Native for iOS and Android.

More on how it was made - Https://medium.com/@dgurns/building-The-Living-Sketchbook-App-231A1Cf5252

2 Responses

  • Jordan Koschei

    Jordan Koschei

    I feel like the audio narration would be the killer feature here — I'd love to hear an artist explaining their work. And having audio would make it seem much more personal than just text.

    Will other artists be able to use this as a platform to show off their work?

    2 years ago
  • Dan Gurney

    Dan Gurney

    Yeah, I was thinking about making this into a platform. The use case seems to be pretty narrow though... good artists with sizable engaged fanbases. For now I'm probably going to just "duplicate + customize" the app for the next couple ones in the series. Might add a share function so you can share images on socials.

    The audio narration over artwork is quite cool... feels almost like a new medium.

    2 years ago