One Hundred Things

Published on August 23, 2017
One Hundred Things

One Hundred Things was my effort at a regular creative project. I haven't made it to 100 yet, but it was really interesting to watch the designs evolve over time as I figured out what I liked and what worked.

I also learned that I like hacking Tumblr more than I thought I would.

2 Responses

  • Rachel Schenck

    Rachel Schenck

    This is beautiful Chris! I want to hear more about this ongoing project idea!

    1 year ago • Reply
  • Chris Silverman

    Chris Silverman

    Thanks, Rachel! I actually haven't finished it yet—I didn't get to 100—but it was one of the more fun creative side projects I've done recently. I'm going to complete it at some point.

    Maybe "non-money-making creative side projects" could be a topic for one of our meetings.

    1 year ago • Reply