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Podcast interview with March Gallagher - FeedHV

Published on January 11, 2018
Podcast interview with March Gallagher - FeedHV

Interviewed March Gallagher, CEO of Community Foundations of the HV about their work on FeedHV, and other farm & food efforts in our area.

Hey Jordan: our original connection was made through HV Talentbase. :-)

Episode will be released later in Jan/Feb, so stay tuned.

3 Responses

  • Jordan Koschei

    Jordan Koschei

    Awesome! I love hearing about connections made via Talentbase — that's the goal 👍🏼

    2 years ago
  • Johnny LeHane

    Johnny LeHane

    @caylena, can you provide links to each podcast in these posts?

    2 years ago
  • Caylena Cahill

    Caylena Cahill


    I can update them later - but these episodes are not currently published. These are "in progress" teasers...

    The podcast in general is available wherever you get podcasts or at www.putaforkinitpodcast.com

    This episode will be out on Jan 31.

    2 years ago