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Sales, Relationship and Project Management

Published on January 5, 2018

setting up a crm and project management and lead management system

The last few weeks have given me some much needed time to reflect and adapt. Since I decided to be serious about my business and sales management/lead generation, I realized I needed a tool to help me better stay on top of relationships and prospective projects.

I did some research and was at first overwhelmed about all the options. The more research I did, the more I wrote my reflections on the research, the more I found what I wanted was a tool that could connect to my email (and other sources of communication), and remind me in an automagical way who I should reach out to at any given time (if I haven't talked to them in a while).

Of course, there are other things I wanted it to do, but this was the main thing, since in modern sales wisdom, you have to have at least 7 contacts with a person before they convert... but my spreadsheets were not really working and it took way too much energy.

I finally settled on Cloze. So, I've been starting to use it in the last few days, and get used to it.

It's not the best interface, but so far it's helped massively in helping me keep on top of who I need to connect with on a daily basis, and what people/projects are at what stage in the sales funnel...

And, I can have multiple types of people and multiple types of projects/funnels.

So far, I am excited to test this out for a few more weeks and see how I adapt to using it.

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