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Wedding Photograph Pre-Visualization at West Point

Published on July 15, 2018
Wedding Photograph Pre-Visualization at West Point

As photographers, we can often plan out a photograph in advance with elaborate lighting diagrams, moodboards, and sketches to achieve the finished product we desire. These can be helpful when you do not have much time with your talent, and in my case, the bride & groom on a wedding shoot at the Thayer Hotel in West Point.

The location: When I first arrived, I did some briefly did some scouting to find where I wanted to take this shot. I liked the antique furniture and architecture of the Thayer Hotel.

The idea: I wanted to take full advantage of the unique vantage point that is the balconies at the hotel. I wanted to offset the bride & groom with the chandelier.

The pose: I did a quick Google search to find a pose that incorporated the couple sitting down in a casual fashion.

The mockup: Without Photoshop, I used a simple free iPhone app to get an idea of what the post, angle, and location would look like together before grabbing the bride & groom to take the shot.

The finished product: Thanks to the help of my pre-visualization, I was able to take this shot in only a couple of minutes with a few tweaks to the off-camera flash, as well as making the pose a bit more natural.

Ultimately, pre-visualizing on the fly saved me time, headaches, and allowed me to achieve the shot I wanted. I will definitely incorporate this method in the future, and encourage other photographers to do so!

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